Sell Loin Tuna

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Cooked Tuna Loin is ready made good for Tuna Canning Factories, its worth for importing of Semifihished good (Frozen Cooked Tuna Loin) rather than importing of Whole Raw Tuna fish. Because of boneless and readymade cargoes for canning factories, it can also save for freight cost rather than importing of raw fish. Because of processing from Raw Fish to Tuna Loin, it has only about 30 to 40% of yield, if imported (Wholly Round) Tuna Fish, customers have to pay more cost for freight charges for fish bone and unnecessary things of fish. Previously, Tuna Canning factories import whole raw Tuna fish. But, as per detailed calculation and comparison of their own production with our finished Cooked Tuna Loin, they changed idea and demand for that in regular basis now.