Sell Long Incense stick of Aloeswood

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The history of Aloeswood, also known as Aloeswood has been regarded for centuries by the Asian, Egyptian, and Near-East civilizations as a rare and precious commodity. Aloeswood is a kind of incense material that originated from Southeast Asia, China and India. Aloeswood has always been highly prized in all of the major ancient civilizations. Throughout the history, only the Kings and the very wealthy were able to benefit from its powers and now it can be available to the general public. Aloeswood was such a precious commodity that it was used as a gift among nations for their diplomatic purpose, while it reflected on ones' wealth and power. For more information about the historical records and stories regarding to Aloeswood, please refer for Stories Page.

1. Medicine
2. Fragrance
3. Natural carving
4. Decoration
5. Preservative
6. Others

Aquilaria agallocha Roxb. (A. A. R. ) or agarwood is regarded as a pharmacological product formed as the result of a fungus disease caused by wounds or borings on the trunk. A. A. R. consists of irregular patches of dark wood highly charged with oleoresin, which is found in the interior of old trees. A. A. R. can be found in A. A. R trees aged from decades to hundreds of years. The A. A. R. tree belongs to Thymelaeaceae family. A. A. R. tree can grow up to 120 feet and live up to a thousand years. The disease takes more than 500 ~ 700 hundred years to form the highest concentration of oleoresin.
A. A. R. is found on the market in the form of chips, splinters and blocks. The most common sizes range from 7 to 30 cm long and 1.5 to 10 cm wide. However, some A. A. R. are longer than one meter. A. A. R. tastes slightly bitter, acrid, and fills with warm aromatic. It burns with bright flames and black smolders giving off a pleasant odor.