Sell Long Incense stick of Aloeswood

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AAR Oleoresin
(1) Heavy
When it contains more than 25% of oleoresin, A. A. R. will sink into water.

(2) Hard
Like crystalloid, so it's hard and solid.

(3) Flammable
Extremely flammable. It burns with bright flames and black smolders.

(4) Fragrance
No fragrance before burning.

(1) 5 kinds
Green, Dark Green, Golden, Yellow, Black.

(2) Fragrance
Different color has different fragrance.

Reasons of forming
(1) Reason
4 kinds (Please refer to Grading page)

(2) Time frame
It takes 100~700+ years to form the oleoresin.

(3) Natural
It's not cultivatable.

(1) Asia Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India.
Clove:Indonesia Clove, Madagascar Clove, Zanzibar Clove, Comores Clove, Sri Lanka Clove and Brazil Clove

Clove Stem:
Indonesia , Madagascar and Sri Lanka Clove Stems

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Indonesia , India and Papua Mace

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