Cooperate Looking For Joint venture in CAD Business

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We are going to establish our new business to provide CAD outsourcing services to the Companies in Japan, USA, North America and Europe. We would like to begin with Mechanical and Instrumentation drawings and then expand to Architectural field too. . Two major Japanese giants are doing best by providing their services from local market. Initially, we like too provide;
1- 2D Drafting
2- 3d Drafting and Design
3- Walk through animations
4- Customization(AutoLISP)

What are the benefits to JV with us in Pakistan?

1- No Tax on Software development and software services (export) till 2016.
2- Import duty on relevant equipment is almost negligible. CBR consider it as duty on scrap. i. e.5%
3- Highly skilled and diligent workforce, available at cheaper rate. One can cut 50% cost.
4- No of American Companies are working here and JV with local Companies. They are earning Millions of dollar per year.
There are many other reasons to think.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.