Cooperate Looking For Partner to Maternity & Child Hospital in China

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SKYWAY ENTERPRISE is a group which mainly deals with investment, manufacture, import & export, development of real estate and international turn-key projects. It's head office is in ChongQing which has more 30 million population and is largest city in China. It is the economic and culture center of western and Southwest of China.
Skyway wants to establish a modern maternity & child hospital (LUCKY INT'L MATERNITY AND CHILD HOSPITAL) and chain baby stores in Chongqing ,China. At present, there is not a good private hospital in the city. Although there are some public general hospital to have the maternity department. But the condition is not good for high income class. Some businessmen and senior staff or civilian of government always complain the bad condition for baby's birth. In China, the child is quite important for each family . They would spend most of money in the sole child because each family is allowed to beget a baby.
So, a modern maternity hospital with nice environment will be urgently required for the city. Now we are seeking for partner to establish a modern Maternity and Child Hospital on 300 beds in the city to meet the growth requirement for high income class. We prepare 40,000m2 -120,000 m2 land for the hospital project and would make it for a international 4-5 stars class special hospital in 2004-2005. Also Skyway is devoting to build a International Hospital Management and Consultant (Group) Company and to establish a special medical college especially in department of gynaecology - obstetrics , nurse and hospital management major. The investment amount will be about USD 16.8 million. The profit is USD 3.5 million per year after building and profit rate is 24.5%. The repayment time is 5 years and building time is 2- 3 years.
In the city, there are two famous medical universities and big public hospitals. So, the human source in doctor and nurse are very rich. We try to attract some good idea, management, fund , equipment and technology to join the project with our group. A joint venture in wide cooperation with America / Europe hospital will be perfect. International fund and medical equipment assistance will be mostly welcome.
The establishment of good private hospital to be cooperated with developed countries is been aroused by the government of the city.
At the same time, We are also looking for good partners from North America and Europe who has better marketing and management experience in department store or super markets to establish some chains baby stores in different district and county in the city .
If you are interested in the two projects, please contact us.