Cooperate Looking for an easy way to sell/distribute your products across W- Europe?

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Which firm deserves to be representated by us/
in the Benelux countries & Germany ?
We're the specialists with a own agency & distributionsystem in W-Europa.
I would like to introduce my team and myself as economic consultants for the BeNeLux-, Middle- and East European area.
We can offer our help for instance in building a salesstructure in the mentioned area including mediation of salespartners, suppliers
and co-operationpartners whatsoever.
Our current agency is the result of a merger of several firms with over 25 years experience in the business. We're located in the south of the Netherlands.
We're looking for companies that are willing and able to supply our market with the products it needs. Your company -found over the internet- may producing such products.
If you're interested present your products to us and we'll find out.
At the moment our website is on line.
Please have a look there and especially at supply (angebote) and demand (gesuche) .

Should you be interested in joint-venture models, subventions, investments, reconstructions, concern-advice and so on, we're also the ones to talk to.
As you may know the subventionpossibilities for our working range (Middle- and Eastern Europe) has increased enormously. Of course we
know all the necessary ins and outs here. Not using these possibilities is giving money away.
Don't hesitate to contact us in English, German, Polish or Dutch in case you're interested under the following:

Economic, section M/E Europe
Frits Schoenemann