Sell Loop Detector (Vehicle detector)

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Vehicles Loop Detector System (KDS-2001)

1. Produced in China
2. Introduction:
when vehicle coming to gate, It can use underground with loop coil of change of frequency
It also use one by one
(1 loop coil into ground easily detected by 1 loop detector.
When detector completely set up once time. It is not affected by any change of temperature, humidity, and no circumstance. It has installed AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY CONTROL) It can easily control by automatic frequency itself

3. Specification
1) Supply power : AC 110V/220V, 110%, 50/60HZ , DC 12V/24V
2) Consuming power : normal 1.0W, operation 3.6W
3) Operating temperature : -20 -150C, humidity 30%-85%
4) Size : 105mm(H) W 75mm(W) W41mm(D)
5) Quality of material : aluminum, aluminum
6) Weight : 282g

4. Function
1) detection method : Pass detection mode( Frequency change mode)
2) detection range : All of vehicle
3) sensing range : LOOP COIL width over vehicle space distance
4) detection speed : 0Km-180Km/h
5) sensitivity: High sensitivity - Low sensitivity ( 8 Level)
6) Alignment : Automatic alignment system
7) timer function : 0-14 Second control the time by option
8) Reset function : Reset bottom when error occur
(Automatic:30 SEC, Manual:Option)
9) Output singnal : No power relay (PRESENT RELAY and PULSE RELAY)
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