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Product Description
Deantal Lab Magnifying Head Loupe Magnifer 4 Lens & Light that is specifically designed for dental hygienists and assistants. It reduces eyestrain and provides better visualization with edge-to-edge sharp clear images. The loupe lenses are coated by exclusive technologies that minimize light reflection, providing possible brightest images. The user-friendly design of the loupe allows users to make easy adjustment and optimize the view of observation. The flexible hinges of the loupe make it easy to move the loupe out of field of view. The independent left and right PD controls allow precise interpupillary adjustment and alignment of the optics.

Excellent for Dentist, Electronic repairs, Tailor, Gardening maintance, Sculpture artwork and mold, Camera, clock & watch maintance & repairs, Reading, Tambour, Fishin leisurely or other hobbies.

Features & Specs

4 different magnification lenses - 1.2X (520-620mm) , 1.8X (230-320mm) , 2.5X (150-250mm) , and 3.5X (80-120mm)
Two LED lamps, the efficiency is over 10 times of ordinary peanut bulb
Two AAA batteries
The light is easy to adjust. (up and down & left and right)
Headband is easy to adjust
weight: 2 lbs