Sell Low Cement Castable

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Refractory castables mainly include common series, low cement series, ultra low cement series and light weight series. which are used respectively for the following aspects according to their various features.
A: For hot blast stove systems, secondary refining devices, up take pipe lining, pretreament hot metal, lance for oxygen and argon belowing;
B. For steel making and steel rolling systems, EAF roof, triangle area of EAF roof, ladle, reheating furnace, soaking pit, inner lining of heat treating furnace, precast block for water cooling slide rails, soot belowing port, burner and fire blocking port.
C. For cement kiln, lining of tube cooler, roof and inner lining on the cell bottom of float glass tank, petroleum cracking reactor, high temperature and abrasion resistant lining, synthetic ammonia device and lining for gas furnace.
Typical technical specification:
1) AL2O3:Min75%
2) CaO:Max1.5%
3) Refractoriness:Min1790C
4) Service Temp. :1550C