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Regarding differential capacitance as monitoring principle constitutes micro-differential pressure capacitance type transmitter, inputing 0-0.06~1.5kPa pressure, outputing 4-20 mA DC simulating signal.
Use object : liquid, gas and vapor.
Overpressure limit : impose 0~6MPa (absolute pressure) pressure on either side of the transmitter. The transmitter is not damaged. The flange can afford 60 MPa.

Products option
No S Codes Measuring range Working pressure(MPa)
Analogue type Smart type HHDR-1100HHDR-1200HHDR-3200 0-0.06~0.3kPa0-0.25~1.5kPa0-0.25~1.5kPa
Code Structure material
Flange connector Exhausting valve Isolatinmembrane Filling Liquid
F12 Carbon steelCd-plating 316Lstainlessteel 316Lstainless steel Silicon oil
F13 Carbon steelCd-plating HC HC
F14 Carbon steelCd-plating Monel Monel
F15 Carbon steelCd-plating 316Lstainlesssteel Ta
F22 316L stainless steel 316L stainless steel 316Lstainlesssteel
F23 316L stainless steel 316L stainless steel HC
F24 316L stainless steel 316L stainless steel Monel
F25 316L stainless steel 316L stainless steel Ta
F35 HC HC Ta
F44 Monel Monel Monel
Codes Optional components
M1 Linear indication gauge 0-100% scale mark
M2 Digital indication gauge head
B1 Pipe-assembling bend stand (2 pipe)
B2 Plate- assembling bend stand
B3 Pipe-assembling level stand (2 pipe)
D1 Flange profile plane exhausting valve on the above part
D2 Flange profile plane exhausting valve on the below part
E1 Average cable connector
E2 Explosion-proof cable connector
G1 Waist type flange
G2 Welding pipe connector
d Explosion separation type Exds II BT5
i Intrinsic safety type Exib II CT5
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