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Low emissivity coated glass (also called low-e glass) is made by vacuum magnetron sputtering coating device to form metal or compound films on the glass surface. The coatings have complex structure, so the coating machine should have very strong production capacity and high technical control precision.

Our low-e glass products include high transmittance low-e, solar control low e and double silver low e. Our temperable low e glass, introduced specific materials and structures, is allowed to heat treat/temperable.

Another feature of our temperable offline low e glass is that it can be processed at another place. With the vacuum aluminum film package, the glass is in good quality in 9 months, suitable for long way transportation. The coating is protected by film, massively enable easy process far away.

The features of low-e glass are attributed to silver coating. The oxidization of silver means low-e glass loses its low-emissivity function. Therefore, low-e glass cannot be directly exposed to the air, and it should be made into insulating glass unit for use.

We also have online low e glass, with netural color(colorless) or blue grey color. It is tempereable and can be used monolic.

Color of low e glass:
Neutral, light grey, silver grey, light blue, blue green and other colors in different shades
Maximum size: 2540*3660 mm
Minimum size: 300*800 mm
Thickness: 3 - 19 mm

Online optical inspection apparatus for whole-process monitoring to ensure stable and reliable quality
GB/t 18915.2-2002 national industry standard of coated class part ii: Low- emissivity coated glass"
Available international criterion:
UK bs6206: 1981
Us ansiz97.1
Austrilia as/nis 2208-1996
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