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Product Description:
LICC(Low Inductance Ceramic Capacitor) is a kind of MLCC that is used for decoupling in High Speed IC. The termination shape of LICC is different from that of MLCC. Generally, the inductance value of capacitor is related with the current path length. In case of LICC, the termination parts are formed in the direction of longer side of capacitor in order to reduce the current path. Due to this design improvement, LICC reduce the inductance value effectively.

Product Feature:
- Low ESL, Low ESR
- good for noise reduction for high frequency
- Highly reliable performance
- Tape & reel for surface mount assembly

Product Specification:
Temperature Characteristics: X5R, X7R
EIA Case Size: 0306 to 0612
Capacitance Values: 10 nF to 10 uF
Rated Voltage: Vdc : 6.3 to 50 V

- High Speed Microprocessor
- High Frequency Digital Equipment (Chipset, GPU, CPU)
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