Sell Low Molecular Weight Heparin Calcium Injection

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LMWH Calcium Injection researched and produced by our company is prefilled safety syringes with unique registrated standards which is higher than the national standards . The syringes is made by USA BD company. The Product quality is far higher than domestic similar products, so it can play a more effective role of anticoagulation Anthrombic.
The advantage of prefilled safety syringes
1> Need no additional water for injection and syringes to prevent residue and pollution caused by dissolution of ordinary injection. The dosage is accurate, the safety is high.
2>Have the setting of bubble, need not rush through the bubble before injection, ensure that all medicine liquid enter into body, the dosage is accurate. Avoiding the waste of ordinary injection caused by rushing through the bubble before injection
3>The usage is convenient. Reduce the medical personnel's workload; The sufferers themeselves can operate, easy to spread.