Sell Low Profile Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors

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Product Description:
Low-profile multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) that are much thinner than their conventional counterparts provide the same level of capacitance. Slim-type capacitors help engineers to design LCD modules, hard disc drives and other electronic products. New line up of low-profile series help digital circuit more slimmer, improving performance reliability without requiring any design changes.

Product Feature:
- Slim-type Large Capacitance
- Highly Reliable Performance
- Industry Standard Size
- Tape & Reel for Surface

Product Specification:
Temperature Characteristics: X5R, X7R
EIA Case Size: 0603 to 1210
Capacitance Values: 1.0 to 22 uF
Rated Voltage: Vdc : 6.3 to 25 V

- General electronic circuit application
- Decoupling and Smoothing in power management circuit
- LCD module and HDD application (Especially slim set)
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