Sell Low Voltage Power Distribution System MODAQO-X

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Low Voltage System MODAQO-X
MODAQO-X is the latest generation of low voltage power distribution and Motor Control Center System developed by ZKM. Its main advantages are large capacity; high flexibility, simplicity and safety in handling; great system reliability; economical optimum solution. It meets the requirements for integration of automation and computer control systems.
Functional Features
A. Framework Structure
The framework is based on a welded steel structure.

B. Busbar System
1. Main busbar systems can be located in the top as well as in rear positions.
2. The connections at main busbar avoid drilling holes in these bars. Main busbars do have current ratings up to 4000 Amp.

C. Connection Type
1. Busbar connection Use a unique connecting way, can be installed easily, fast and do not need to configure any switching trunk.
2. Cable connection Use the double-rectangle copper busbar structures, link without drilled holes. Its connection is done rapidly with special screws.

D. Drawer
1. Dropper bars are equipped with flame redundant insulation shrouds. This increases the safety of operating people.
2. Mechanical interlocks are installed in each drawer unit. The operation of draw-outplug-in can only be executed when the breaker is in off position. That prevents the issuance of arc faults through operation.

E. Cabinet Type
1. MX-P Power Distribution Sections
Used for incomings, feeders and couplings from 800A up to 4000A.
2. MX-F Fixed Mounted Sections
Used for fixed feeders and motor starters up to 630A.
3. MX-U Sections for Universal Purposes
Used for power factor correction, soft starters, control functions as PLC or by customer specified functions.
4. MX-W Withdrawable Section
High density motor control center functions with installation of up to forty-four drawer units.

Technical Parameter
Standards: IEC/EN60439-1, VDE0660, Part500/1994, GB7251.1-1997
Installation conditions: Indoor installation
Degree of protection: <=IP55
Ambient temperature: 350C (24h mean value)
Relative humidity: 50% (400C)
Dimensions: Width 1200mm (max) , Height 2200mm, Depth 1000mm (max)
Internal partitions: Form 1 to Form 4b
Rated voltage: 690V
Rated insulation voltage: 1000V
Rated frequency: 40HZ-60HZ
Main busbars rated current: 4000A (max)
Main busbars rated short-time withstand current: 100KA/1s (max)
Main busbars rated peak withstand current: 220KA (max)
Dropper bars rated current: 1600A
Dropper bars rated peak withstand current: 50KA/1s (max)
Standard wires: Main and control circuits 1050C temperature receptiveness (Local standards require 900C max. )

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