Sell Low Voltage Switchgear MODAN 6000

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Low Voltage Switchgear MODAN 6000
MODAN6000 switchgear, which is made with the know-how and components of Moeller GmbH, is of solid structure, flexible design, simple and convenient operation. It can be used as distribution center, motor control center and power illumination CTC system. MODAN6000 is high technology, reliable product technique. It is designed in a unique modular structure which is easy to install and maintain. This system is famous as one of the most advanced distribution systems in the world, has been praised for its high quality.

Functional Features
A. Framework Structure
1. Basic structure is totally-assembly, with unique closed square tube of shaped once. There are two rows of modular holes in every side of the square tube, that good for mounting and connecting fast and reliable.
2. Square tube with the ends pressed in die-cast corner by means of special steel rivets, the whole structure is solid and proportions to the long-distance transportation install on jobsite or endure of shaking.
3. MODAN6000 adopts an imported module for frame assembly and riveting from Moeller, which ensure the assemble level and vertical degree.

B. Busbar System
1. MODAN6000, the main busbars are located in the special area rear of the cabinet, which prevents a high influence from heat rise on components and reduces as well the busbar's heat loss.
2. MODAN6000 can achieve up to 3 groups of busbar systems, alternative busbar positions keep the design very flexible.
3. Busbar support made of casting Aluminum alloy fixed with flexible isolation parts (function like rubber) , which ensure this very high mechanical strength in case of a short circuit. Also it prevents the generation of eddy current.
4. Main busbars and dropper busbars are all made from copper c-profile. This shape comes out to a high surface ratio as well as it supports the activity of skin effect of AC. It increases the busbar's current load significantly. The slot opening of C-profile over the whole busbar length without interruptions allows connect wires or bus bars at any position. Further issues the bus bar's shape an extraordinary high mechanical strength.
5. In order to realize a reliable and free of maintenance electrical connection, all bolts for copper connections in MODAN6000 are made with screws or T-shape bolts at 8.8 hardness degrees in combination with special spring washers. Frequently up heating and down cooling processes at busbar connections are covered and keep unchanged fixed and fastened.

C. Connection Type
1. Busbar connection: MODAN6000 can be connected to our BLTS (Busbar  Link - Transformer to Section) or otherwise with the LD (Load Duct) system. This connection type is a safety connection because of direct busbar connection without interface box (joggle box. It can be connected either on top, at rear or even in narrow position (through the floor) .
2. Cable connection: MODAN6000 offers unique cable connection systems (Moeller Technology) . The connection system is arranged in a ladder shape which suits to connect multi-cables without crossing. The cables are connected directly with safety bolts.
3. The connection systems are offered in C - profile copper bars as well as in flat copper bars. The C- profiles allow connecting the cables without any restrictions because of fixed positions of the holes.

D. Drawer Units
1. The rear division plate between the drawer unit and the dropper bus bars are equipped with automatically closing shutters. These shutters drop immediately after the main power plugs of the drawer unit are disconnected. The protection degree when the shutter is closed is IP40.
2. The main circuit connection wires are silicon isolated and from very high flexible copper strands. These high quality materials are imported from Germany. Other connection wires than silicone isolated are available on request.
3. The inner structure of the drawer unit allows arranging the components in two levels. The components with mechanical operation shafts are fixed in the front level, other components will be fixed in the rear level. This style is very space efficient and increases the drawer's components capacity.
4. The main circuit plug contacts are made from silver plated special bronze. This material is shaped for multiple connection points and even under altering it will not lose any of its original spring force for contacting pressure. This development assures an exceptional reliable connection between main contact and dropper bar.

E. Cabinet Type
1. MDP Section
This "Power Section" type is able to contain maximum two circuit breakers (ACB's) for incoming, outgoing or coupling purposes. The maximum rated current for the breakers is up to 6300A.
2. MDG Section
This section type for "General Purposes" is used for capacitor banks (power factor correction) . An 800 mm wide cabinet is good for power factor correction of 500kvar.
Further uses are: Soft starters, frequency converters, large fixed motor starters, PLC control and other customer specific requirements.
3. MDM Section
This cabinet type is for "Motor Starters". It is designed to contain drawer units in the height of 1875mm. The smallest drawer unit height is 125mm. So can be installed up to 30 drawer units per cabinet.

Technical Parameter
Standards: IEC/EN60439-1, VDE0660, Part500/1994, GB7251.1-1997
Installation conditions: Indoor installation
Degree of protection: IP54 (max)
Ambient temperature: -50C-400C
Relative humidity: 93% (400C)
Dimensions: Width 1200mm (max) , Height 2200mm, Depth 1000mm (max)
Internal partitions: Form 1 to Form 4b
Rated voltage: 400V/690V
Rated insulation voltage: 1000VAC/1200VDC
Rated frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Short-time withstand voltage: 3000V/1min
Impact withstand voltage: 8KV
Main busbars rated current: 6300A (max)
Main busbars rated short-time withstand current: 100KA/1s (max)
Main busbars rated peak withstand current: 330KA (max)
Dropper bars rated current: 1600A
Dropper bars rated short-time withstand current: 65KA/1s
Dropper bars rated peak withstand current: 143KA
Standard wires: Main and control circuits 1050C temperature receptiveness (Local standards require 900C max. )

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