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Low Voltage System ID
"ID" is a modular, totally insulated, enclosed distribution board system. Those enclosures as well as its transparent covers are made from polycarbonate. It has advanced features because of its modular construction, high mechanical strength, insulating performance, anticorrosion, antiaging, uninflammable, dustproof and spray proof. The degree of protection is up to IP56. It is especially qualified for operation under very heavy environmental conditions, especially to highly environmentally stressed locations such as oil fields(deserts) , chemical industries, light textile, cement, use in harbor areas(salty humidity) , paper and grain processing plants, etc.

Functional Features

1. Materialk of the Enclosure cover: Makrolon 2805 Natur, (Polycarbonate) (Bayer  Product from Germany) .
2. Material of the Base: Makrolon 8325 hgro7/051 (Polycarbafil) (Bayer product from Germany) .
3. Makrolon is a noncrystalic thermoplastic material. It has particular intensity, rigidity, tenacity, crack and resistance. According to different load, the products processing with non-reinforced grades can still keep the stability of dimensions when the temperature achieves 1350C. For the products processing with reinforced grades, the temperature can achieve 1450C. In addition it has a high impulse-voltage withstand. Therefore, this material is applicable for a wide temperature range (up to 1500C)
1) Insulation
ID is developed as a totally insulated and modular low voltage distribution panel system. Its excellent insulation is the important key for the electrical protection degree. In case live parts touch electric live parts there will no voltage be spread or conducted to other enclosure places.
Further, Makrolon provides highest surface resistivity, dielectric strength and volume resistivity. Its relative dielectric constant is "3" at 1000Hz according to the Germany industry standard DIN53483. These numerical values re not affected through temperature and relative humidity.
2) Flame retardant property
The requirements for availability of flame retardant products are increasing more and more. The basic grade of Makrolon is the flame retardant grade X-2 when the thickness of cross-section is 1.66mm or more than this. Some flame retardant grade is X-D when the thickness of cross-section is 0.88mm or more than this or 1.6mm. Polycarbafil parts are W-1.
3) Stability under heating
According to the pressuring and sinking test with ball made according to German standard "VDE0470", the thermal property is stable at the temperature is up to 1500C. Also, the ID systems material complies with the Northamerican Standard UL746B and the IEC216.
4) Impact strength resistance, crack strength resistance
In actual use, parts often are impacted and shaked. The material of protection function must resist these pressures while high and low temperature influence. It keeps safety from -400C up to 1200C. It still does have a high impact strength resistance.
5) Transparency
Transparent cover does reinforce the operation safety. The finished product allows observing all its components visually at all times without disassembling the cover under permanent protection degree availability.
6) Chemical proof, corrosion
Makrolon is resistant to high concentration inorganic acid (such as carbonic acid) , lactic acid, oleic acid, citric acid, oxidant, reducer, natural liquor, acid, sault, all kinds of fat and oil.
7) Waterproof
The IP degree can achieve up to IP 65. It can efficiently prevent the water from jetting to the enclosures in any direction without bad effects.

B. Busbar system
An ID system specific busbar system is available. It is convenient for quick and convenient access. The dusbar surface is standardly tin plated.

C. Connection Type
1. Cable connections are realized with terminal blocks. The terminals used by Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Electrical System Co. , Ltd. , enclose the cable end "air tight". This prevents dysfunctions from corrosion during lifespan of the system.
2. The bottom plate with flange prevents entering small animal (i. e. termites) into the enclosure. It maintains the IP degree at the point of cable entry.

D. Cabinet Type
1. Wall-mounting distribution boards
2. Free-standing distribution boards

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