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Low Voltage System ID2000
Power distribution, Switching, protection and control functions must be mastered with the same reliability as the power distribution function itself. ID2000 distribution boards are an ideal means of meeting these objectives in the low-voltage sphere. Reliability, economy, simplicity and clarity of operation are the advantages of this distribution board concept. ID2000 is used as main distribution board, sub-distribution board and motor control center in industrial plants, power stations, high-rise buildings, clinics and schools etc.

Functional Features

A. Framework Structure
1. ID2000 uses combined type framework with cold rolled steel and zinc plated steel inner fitting material. It is divided in clear functional areas.
2. The ID2000 is equipped with transparent doors. The transparent material is made from polycarbonate. It is special anti-corrosive, anti-impactive and resists to high environmental temperatures. Operators can do visual inspection through transparent doors while the system is running. This attribute ensures a higher safety degree.

B. Busbar System
1. Busbars are located in the top of the cabinets. This is a safety feature to prevent accidents as short circuits or toching by event because of handling during operation.
The busbars are arranged in a unique triangle form. Transparent shrouds do support safety. The used material is also flame redundant insulation material what prevents unwanted touching.
2. Busbars are connected with isolated soft copper bars, which greatly enhanced the breaking capacity of the cabinets. Special terminals allow the fixing without drilled holes. The insulation soft copper bars are developed in Germany. These can be bended to any angle without any damages to its insulation coat.

C. Connection Type
1. Connections can be flexible engineered, in top, in rear as well as in narrow position. Busbar and distribution board can be connected directly without any switching trunk.
2. Cable connection systems with bolts or terminals are arranged in stage shape. It can be convenient connected without cable crossing. Multiple cables also can be used. Using connection by terminals avoids the necessity to press cable lugs on the cable ends.

D. Cabinet Type
1. Incoming Section
2. Coupling Section
3. Feeder Section
4. Power Factor Correction Section
5. General Purposes Section

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