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Low Voltage System MZS
MZS low voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereafter called cabinet) is applied for power control and transmission systems of AC 50-60Hz, rated working voltage up to 690V. It's mainly used in power station, industrial enterprise to used for power distribution and can be used to control, protect and inspect the circuit.

Functional Features

A. Framework Structure
1. The design meets with the standard of IEC439; GB7251.
2. Frame, which consists of zincification steel plate by "C" shaped steel by means of steel rivets and accusing screw. The dimension inside of cabinet and separation cubicles is modular and carried out exchanged of the same unit in specification.
3. Low voltage can endure the discharging; heat and mechanism stress caused by short circuit fault, but also prevent the let and position of press release caused by gas to operator.
4. Switchgear is divided into main busbar compartment, branch busbar compartment, functional units compartment, cable compartment and insulation design of each unit, which can deduct the destroy to lowest degree caused by arc.
5. Frame is without any welding corner, which assured the assemble precision while used of special tools during assembling.
6. Each functional unit is assembled with door(Plate) , which are with gemel and lock. The door with facility is not droop caused by weight or size.
7. Each functional compartment is of pressure-releasing avenue. The gas giving out at fault can be released though the avenue.
8. The enclosure can be designed as or "Upper incoming and outgoing"; "upper incoming down outgoing"; "down incoming and outgoing" for the cable or busbar.
9. The dimension of low voltage is: 400(600/800/1000) *1000(800/600) *2200(W*H*D) .
10. The enclosure after processing and mounting is orderliness, propitious and Beauty.

B. Surface Treatment
1. The door, shrouding and frame will be coated with epoxy resin power and not exceed the 50micron prior to acid washing, phosphate, anti-rust paint. After that the enclosure will be of strong anti-corrosive capacity.
2. The color is recommended by us or upon request by customer.

C. Busbar
1. The busbar system meet with the requirement of ZBK36001-89, IEC439, IEC694. All the busbar in the cubicle is enclosed in the sub-compartment in the switchgear.
2. The selection of material of busbar is electrolytic copper with high conductance according to the standard of IEC431.
3. The color of phase and order of arrangement are meet with the requirement of IEC439 and GB7251.
4. The fixing bolts of the busbar are of high intensity to make the installation be convenient and flexible and the busbar will be very firm.
5. There are isolated PE earthing system and N neutral conductor which are passing through the device.

D. Auxiliary Wires
1. Section cross of wires: current return circuit>=2.5mm2, voltage return circuit>=1.5mm2
2. Material: plastic copper cable.
3. Linking Methods: fixed with terminal; The number of burning protection terminals will reach the demand of circuit, and reserve the spare terminals upon customer's request.

E. Functional units of the switchgear
1. Switchgear is design of standard modular, which can comprised of series structure and units .
2. There are five kinds of drawers which can be assembled in a single boards freely. The design is according to IEC439 and GB7251 standards.
3. Drawers with same standards can be exchanged conveniently on the basis of high of 200mm of drawer unit. Fault-operation protection device and reliable machinery interlock systems are used in all of the power distribution drawers. There are obvious preparing, linking, testing, isolating and moving positions marked in the drawers.
4. For reinforce safety protection, operation handle can be locked. Your can use three licks at the same time.
5. The design of functional units can reach the assemble demand of all the circuit breaker and other device.

F. Cable compartment
1. The cable compartment lies in the side of the cubicle or side of switchgear(Outgoer) . It's separated from busbar compartment and electric compartment with metal plate. You can conveniently connect the cables just opening the door of cable compartment.
2. There are enough cable avenue in the cable compartment to reach the demand of larger section cables in the future. In order to ensure the safe operation, on the bottom of the cable compartment there are enclosed plate which can be dismounted to separate from the cable channel.

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