Sell Low Voltage System XL-II Compact Busbar

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Low Voltage System XL-II Compact Busbar
XL-II Compact Busbar System rated from 400A-6300A, IP42/54/65, is totally the new compact type system innovates from many years' sale and production experience aiming to meet user's demands. It is based on the original type and achieves high automatic degree, which can satisfy different power transportation for any user group.

Functional Features

The system totally adopts the compact structure, automatically riveted enclosure and high protection degree; The conductors surrounded by Dupont Mylar insulation film from America, which is a new type of environmental friendliness material, enjoying a better insulation performance, including resistant to aging, low impedance and longtime mechanical shock endurance. The special structure and alloy enclosure help to lower hysteresis and eddy current loss and enjoys better hot distribution. The tap-off apparatus obtain patents certificates. The tap-off box shares fast, convenient and safe installation with mechanical interlocks.

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Model Number
XL-II Compact Busbar