Sell Low cost ultrasonic flowmeter

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Low cost ultrasonic flowmeter
Welcome to the TI-430 series ultrasonic flow transmitted moduel that is the general flow meter equipped with small volume, easy operation , more functions , advanced performance and low price . Its flow rate resolution is 0,001m/s . This product can work without connecting keyboard display. The parameter can be finished through the keyboard (the interface is inside, can insert or pull out when charging) or through the parameter software of the computer . and this produtc can be used in all kinds of ultrasonic transducers manufactured in Teren company , and meanwhile , we supply the parameter input window of the ultrasonic transducers manufactured by customers themselves and the similar products of domestic manufactures .
The ultrasonic flow transmitted moduel has the important meaning in the developing history of ultrasonic flow meters. It will change the customers formerly idea of the heavy and expensive .
This product can be used as an independent ultrasonic flow meter , or many moduels combine for the measurement of crowded pipe network area. It also can be combined into a flow meter with more sound track and high accuracy , especially suit for the industry control systems and other projects.