Sell Low-light Level Night Vision Device

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It is a good night vision device with large magnification, long observation distance and good performance, and have the function of voltage regulation, automatic anti-glare protection. It is also equipped with two infrared lamp whose brightness is adjustable. Under darkness the better observe result can be achieved. Appliable to patrol and reconnaissance by police at night.

Technology Indications:
The max of observation distance: 150-200m (ambient light illumination 10-2Lux)
Magnification times: 3.5X
Viewing field: >10o
Objective focal length: 100mm
Objective aperture: 60mm
Focus Range: 2m~ infinity
Adjustable range of viewing field: -4~+4D
Supply voltage: 3.0V
Battery model: One CR2 lithium ion battery
Outline dimensions: 200*100*75mm3
Weight: 0.9kg
Protection from glare: automatic protection from glare
Infrared lamp: two adjustable lamps (the max of effective visual distance: 50-80m)