Sell Low sodium low temperature alumina

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Low sodium low temperature aluminate
+Chemical Composition:

Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O Loss on ignition True specific gravity
(Alpha) -Al2O3
I Grade 99.5% <=0.15% <=0.02% <=0.03% <=0.15% <=3.96% >=98%
II Grade 99.5% <=0.20% <=0.02% <=0.05% <=0.15% >=3.96% >=97%

+Properties of product:
This product is white powder, belongs to the active crystal structure, it is easy to disperse and it can dissolve in strongly acid solution and strongly alkaline solution. It has strong moisture absorption and absorbability in the air.

na +Main Use:
This product is mainly applied in the petrochemical industry as a new type of comburant carrier for the cracking catalyst regeneration. Also can be used as the adsorbent, dryer, gas purification, etc. It is the updated product which is newly developed for fulfilling the user product quality upgrade and enlarging the application domain.