Sell Low temperature chiller unit, air conditioner

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Low temperature chillers

Air conditioning, low temperature chiller, refrigeration, heat pump or heat recovery

1. All the chillers employ the most advanced screw or reciprocating high efficiency compressor , high efficiency condensers and evaporators and the leading brand electrical control components

2. Compressor is equipped with the protection device for phase inversing, phase lacking, motor overheating, freezing , high and low pressure limits etc

3. With pressure control and pressure safety valve, these are used to guarantee safety of operation of the system

4. The refrigerating capacity of the series products cover 3600-1091890Kcal/h, with the outlet temperature of chilled media water ranging from -150C -150C, and the temperature of lower than -200C can also be provided according to customers requirement

5. The products are widely used in refrigeration , freezing industries.