Sell Low temperature nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries(AA1800mAh)

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Either outdoor electrical devices in cold area or the other ones in use at low temperature, to which the battery was equipped often operates at a temperature of lower than -200, the normal battery couldn't reach for use under such a condition. Low temperature batteries have been greatly improved the design on several aspects including positive & negative plates, electrolyte and separator, as a result, they deliver very high discharge capacity at temperature range of -200 to -400. Specially, high-rate discharge characteristic is better than those of other factories under the same low temperature. Batteries characteristics :1. Compared with the normal battery with same size, the low temperature batteries have outstanding feature of high discharge efficiency at low temperature. The other electrical characteristics are similar to or better than those of the normal battery. 2. low temperature batteries show rather better high-rate discharge characteristics than those of other factories. 3. The battery can deliver 80 percent of the room-temperature capacity at 0.2CmA discharge current and a ambient temperature of-400