Sell Lubricant & Greases

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We supply and custom blend various types and grades of Lubricants and Greases, in 55 gallons steel drums and in plastic bottles of various sizes.

Our Company has two Lubricant blending plants and a Grease manufacturing plant. These plants are ISO 14001 and ISO 9002.

Long-term supply contract basis can be arranged. Custom blends with specifica technical requirements can be arranged.

The lubricant Product Range:

Automotive lubricants - Passenger Car Motor Oils and Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils.
All API and SAE grades and Special OEMs requirements.

Transmission Oils - ATF DEXRON III

Gear Oils - API GL4/GL5

Hydraulic Oils - AW 32, 46, 68, 100

Marine Lubricants

2-Stroke Motor Cycle Oils 2 - JASO FC/FB/FA and API TC/TB/TA standards

4-T Motor Oils 4

Greases - NLGI 2/3

Transformer Oils

Other Lubricants