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THY-series Oil Quality Analyzer is a portable instrument which measures the effect of contamination by detecting changes of dielectric constant that occur in lubricant. Dielectric constant change is directly related to the degradation and the contamination level of the oil and will allow the user to achieve optimized intervals between oil changes. There are more than 200 kinds of sample oil Memory Index in the Oil Quality Analyzer. It can detect the percentage of water content without standard sample oil.

Main Functions:
1. Determining the degree of contaminate in lubricants within 5 minutes;
2. Detecting the percentage of water content in lubricants within 3 minutes;
3. Detecting metal particles beyond 605m;
4. Determining whether the newly purchased lubricant is qualified;
5. Detecting the percentage of water content without standard sample oil;
6. Printing the report after the lubricants detecting

1. Maximization and safe extension of intervals between oil changes;
2. Early detection of mechanical failures in conjunction with preventative maintenance procedures;
3. Avoidance of unnecessary engine damage resulting from overly used lubricants;
4. Reduction in the number of costly and unnecessary laboratory analysis of oil samples.

1. Diesel Engines
2. Gasoline Engines
3. Natural Gas Engines
4. Natural Gas Turbines
5. Automatic Transmissions
6. Any other equipment using synthetic lubricants


Range: 0, 199.9UA
Repeatability: <=3%
Temperature: -200~+550
Power: <=5W
Voltage: 20V
Weight: 5kg
Size: 285*220*115mm
Battery: 6v NI-MH rechargeable Battery