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As lubricants oil of this kind fall within the scope of our business activities, we want to take this opportunity to recommend you our Arthur lubricants.
We, Xiamen Arthur Far East Chemical Co. , Ltd. is an international professional corporation with rich oil industry experience and business ethics , with a first-class technical staff, managers and sales staff, having set up a good technical support service system and established close business relations with many world-renowned chemical cooperations.
Arthur lubricants catalogue:
1 Automotive lubricants
(1) Venus(API:SF, SAE:10W-30,15W-40,20W-50;4L) ;
(2) Venus2(API:SF/CD; SAE:10W-30,15W-40,20W-50;4L) ;
(3) Jupiter(API:SG/CE; SAE:10W-30;15W-40,20W-50;4L) ;
(4 ) Mercury(API:SH/CFsemi-synthetic; SAE:10W-30;15W-40;20W-50;4L) ;
(5) Mars(API:SJ/CG, semi-synthetic, SAE:10W-30;15W-40;4L) ;
(6) Saturn(API:SLfull-synthenic, SAE:5W-30;5W-50;4L) ;
(7) Uranus(API:GL-5; SAE:85W-90;85W-140;4L) ;
(8) Neptune1/2(API:SF4T/SG4T; SAE:10W-30;15W-40;20W-50) ;
(9) Venus1(API:CD; SAE:15W-30;15W-40;20W-50;4L/16L/18L) ;
(10) Supervenus(API:CE; SAE:10W-30;15W-40;20W-50;16L/18L) ;
(11) Comet(API:CF-4; SAE:15W-30;20W-50;4L/16L/18L) ;
(12) Supercomet(API:CG-4; SAE:10W-30;15W-40;20W-50;16L/18L) ;
(13) STAR(API:CH-4; SAE:10W-30,15W-40;20W-50;4L/16L/18L) ;
(14) Superstar (API; CI-4; SAE:10W-30;15W-40;20W-50;16L/18L) , etc
2. Industrial lubricants:(1) cool semi-syn fluid; (2) cool syn fluid; (3) rust proof oil; (4) mlod-release agent 5) antiwear hydraulic oil(6) way lubricant (7) cut oil (8) arcut oil (9) stainless steel cut oil (10) tapping oil (11) knit oil (12) gear oil (13) complex lithium grease, etc.
. If you find any of the items interesting, please let us know without the least delay. We shall be glad to send you quotations and catalogue upon receipt of your specific enquiries.
We look forward to your early reply.