Sell Lubricating Additive

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Lubricating Additive is made of nanodiamond manufactured using the most advanced and patented technology. The nanodiamond particle is shaped like sphere (ball shape) with average dimension 7 nanometers. It will fill the micro gaps on the metal surfaces, form a smooth solid nanodiamond film, and protect the metal surfaces. The 30 billions ball shaped nanodiamond particles not only reduce the friction of metal surfaces, furthermore it will transform the sliding friction into rolling friction, and is the most excellent anti friction metal conditioner and lubricating additive ever.

Reduce the friction coefficient by 80%;
Prolong the engine oil life up to 30000 km;
Save the fuel consumption by 8%;
Prolong the engine life by 2 or 3 times;
Greatly increase horsepower and acceleration;
Reduce engine noise and smoke.

This product does not affect the viscosity of the primary oil;
Can be used in with all type of engine oil.