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The Lubrication oil purifier Systems is a state-of-the-art, on-line industrial oil-purification system that removes free, emulsified and dissolved water and light hydrocarbons and remove the impurities from industrial lubricants and hydraulic oils. The unique air/gas stripping technology makes it practical and efficientallowing the Oil Purifier to outperform centrifuges, coalescers and the more complex vacuum dehydration systems.

Applications: Water Removal, Impurities Removal and Degasification
Series TYA Vacuum Zhongneng Oil Purifier removes not only free water, but also emulsified and dissolved water, keeping compressor, turbine lube oil and hydraulic systems water free. It will take oil that contains 1000 ppm of water down to a total water content of less than 80 ppm within three passes of the oil through the unit.

The TYA vacuum Lubricating oil purifier filtering system, which is combined double FH trapezoidal network with H. P. M high molecule polymer material absorbing for demulsification, distinctively remove various impurities, particles and water content. The filtering system owns back flush function to clean the filters and clear the impurities automatically. It improves the effectiveness of filtering and extends the lifetime of filter awfully.

TYA Oil Purifier removes dissolved light hydrocarbon gases, such as propane and H2S from industrial lubricants. In refineries and petrochemical plants, an ideal application is the removal of hydrogen sulfide from compressor seal oil. The TYA vacuum Lubricating oil purifier system returns the viscosity of the lube oil and restores the oil flash point to like-new levels, eliminating the need to dispose of gas-laden and sour lube oils.

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