Sell Luggage Stretch Wrapper, Baggage Wrapping Machine from China

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XL-1085 Luggage Stretch Wrapper, Baggage Wrapping Machine

a. Specially designed for packaging luggages, cargos and goods in airports, docks s & stations.
b. Suitable for fast transporting and storing.
c. Adopting PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL) , reliable in performance, convenient in operation.
d. It can protect the package against dust and damp or damage.
e. Photocell detector automatically senses luggage height. The machine can wrap a big luggage as 850mm in height.
f. With pre-stretch carriage, pre-stretch rate up to 300%, film savings.
g. Convenient in film roll replacement. Max diameter LLDPE film roll 300 mm, max height of film roller 500 mm. Minimum paper core 76mm.
h. Holder speed adjustable.
i. Film tension adjustable. Easy tracking for wrap counter device. E-stop button.
j. Can be custom engineered to special applications.

Model#: XL1085
Product decription: stretch luggage wrapping machine, baggage wrapping machine
Max load size: L(400-1000) WW(180-600) WH(300-850) mm
Wrap speed: 25rpm
Controls: Variable film tension control, wrap parametre set, wrap cycle 1-9 adjustable, prestretch film carriage, with max 300% prestretch ratio
Accepts 300mm x L500mm Rolls of Stretch Film, wrap height up to 850mm
Machine dimensions: L1710 x W730 x H17000mm

Origin: Shenzhen, China

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Supply Capacity
100 unit per month