Sell Luminous Paint

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Product Introduction:
characters of non-toxic, innocuous, non-radioactive. By absorbing ultraviolet Photoluminescent paint is new-type of environmentally friendly color with the light and other visible light, it can release the energy in the form of visible light for over 10 hours in the dark and features duty-cycle operation. They are available in different shades according to emitted light Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. In most applications green color is used followed by blue since they offer best performance. The source of light can be Sunlight, tube light, halogen, bulb, etc. Practically the emitted light is as brilliant as moonlight from an area of 100 sq. feet painted with green color & exposed for around 3 hrs. tubelight.

Product Characteristics:
1. No radioactive components. Safe for normal use as it contains no radioactive or toxic or phosphorous materials.
2. Long emission time. It has a longer emission time ranging as high as 12 hours.
3. High initial brilliance. The brilliance is high enough to be detected by naked eyes.
4. High durability. Long life as long as the crystalline structure is no damaged.
5. Guaranteed for long period. These products do not posses any decaying process of emission like electricity, heat, phosphorescence, oxidation, and radioactivity.
6. Outdoor usage. Suitable for outdoor usage as it does not suffer luminance reduction even when placed. Under a 300 w high-pressure mercury lamp for 1000 hours.