Sell Luobuma Golden Field Bedding

Luobuma Golden Field Bedding You May Also Be Interested In: blended yarn cotton fiber golden field synthetic material
Made of luobuma (apocynum) fiber, cotton fiber and multi synthetic far infrared material.

Luobuma (apocynum) is an environmentally-friendly textile, soft and permeable, having
a great performance in moisture absorption, permeability, bacterial inhibition and deodorizing.
These products fully improve microcirculation of the human body, dissipate
fatigue and enhance immunity. They have the functions of diminishing
inflammation and relieving aches and pains.
Cover: Luobuma Blended yarn 50%, Cotton%.
Filling:Quilt Padding, far infraed material 65%, polyester 35%.
Pillow Core, elastic spiral fiber 100%.
Coated with natural multi synthetic material.
Brand Name
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
150 x 20 cm
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