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Lutein ester extracted from marigold flowers is a rich, safe and natural source of lutein. It can be transform to lutein in human body. Lutein esters are sometimes used in products in place of purified lutein. Lutein is a kind of carotene, widely existing in vegetables, fruit and some types of flowers. There is a great number of lutein in the retina of yellow sort of people's eyeball, which is believed to be helpful in filtering the blue light that is harmful to the eye and avioding free radicals from damaging the fine structure of eyeball. Human being's body cannot synthesize lutein. So, the needed lutein can only be absorbed from food or tonics. Lutein is widely used in the fields of dietary supplements, food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, feed additives, natural colorant, etc.
'High purity Lutein Ester 90%
'High purity Lutein Ester 80%