Sell Luxury Anti-Radiation Maternity Braces Skirt

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Luxury Anti-Radiation Maternity Braces Skirt
(Bamboo Fiber & Silver Fiber)
Brand: 3L
Model: YX -Y005
(the fifth-generation innovation silver and bamboo fiber fabric+ anti-static silk lining) The First Bamboo Fiber & Silver Fiber Anti-Radiation Maternity Braces further improved the anti-microbial & anti-bacterial function!
Typical Function:Anti-Radiation+ Anti-static+ Antibacterial deodorantSize: all code * 150-170cm (height applicable)
155/110C;160/110C; 165/110CAnti-Radiation Fabric(silver and bamboo fiber)
content of ingredients (finished fabric) :
Ag / Zhu / JC 36:42:22 42% Bamboo Fiber 22% Combed Cotton 36% High Shielding Silver Wire
anti-static silk lining
Optional colors: light pink light grayQuality Grade:1st grade
product categories: B-type (direct contact with skin)

Silver bamboo fiber anti-radiation fabric:natural bamboo materials, Silver fiber( based on jewelry grade silver) , these two natural materials combined together further improved its anti-bacterial and deodorizing functions, its main seven functions are as follows:

1) , anti-electromagnetic radiation: shielding rate more than 99.99 percent.
2) , anti-bacterial functions: the bacteria due to the sweat caused by can be very effectively controlled by their products
3) , deodorant (Refuse) functions: ingredients of Silver can very quickly adsorbed the qualitative changed protein so can reduce and decease the smell.
4) , regulate body temperature (warm in winter & cool in summer) : in summer days, they own excellent thermal conductivity & hydrofuge function, so that your body feel cool, thermos effect in winter so it will causing perfect warm effect.
5) , to eliminate static electricity and to promote blood circulation: the product has the comfort of static electricity-free, eliminating the body's nervous caused by static electricity, so as to promote the body's blood circulation.
6) , environmental protection & natural green features:This product does not contain any harmful substances listed by the European standard and national standard, and natural materials, return to nature, so they do not produce any harmful substances to the skin & the environment, and they will bring a whole day Nature's atmosphere to each Wearer.
7) , perfect comfort: the hand feeling of the product is soft & kind, silky luster Wah, Clean & clear , cool like jude , good drape, good air permeability and easy to manage, and other characteristics, deeply loved by consumers.
Anti-static materials: the main mechanism / using the mechanism synthetic of corona discharge and discharge of disclosure by metal fibers, compound anti-static or sub-conductive fibers of, so can eliminate the human body and clothes. In line with national standards: GB12014-89
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