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Detailed Product Description

BodyNaturals handmade soaps and bath treats are produced in our modern rural workshop located on the Canterbury Plains in the South Island of New Zealand.
We use traditional small batch production methods to make our soaps, and the unique designs and creative techniques we employ means it can take up to four days to create some of our soap masterpieces.

Production Values

Our soaps contain only natural ingredients, including vegetable oils, Glycerin, cereals, essential oils and herbs. We import the finest fragrances from France and use natural colorants in very small quantities. To ensure that we use the purest water in our production process, we operate our business in a rural location and draw water from a well fed by underground aquifer streams which run from our Southern Alps down to the sea.

Detailed Characteristics

Our handmade soaps nourish and feed the skin, they lather well ( even in salt water) and they smell and look great! Our small batch production method results in no two slices of our soap being totally identical in appearance. Unlike mass produced soaps, where the naturally occurring Glycerin is removed and sold as a by-product, our soaps retain this valuable natural moisturizing and skin softening agent.


The handmade nature of our soaps, and the time consuming and methodical production process we use, severely limits the quantity of product we can produce each year to about 250,000 120gm slices of soap. Our soap is used by consumers who prefer to use a luxury, natural, handmade soap, and expect to pay a premium price for a premium product. Orders of between 1000 and 3000 slices can usually be supplied within 30 days, larger orders require appropriate lead time.

Export Packaging

We ship our soaps in new double walled cardboard cartons, approximately 150 soap slices per carton, protected with bubble wrap and tissue paper between layers. Each soap is shrink wrapped for protection in transit and to retain freshness and fragrance.

Export Labeling

We label according to customer needs, which need to be clearly communicated to us at time of order.

Current Export Markets

BodyNaturals handmade soaps have been exported to China, Singapore, South Korea, United States of America and Australia
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Body Naturals
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