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Technological data:
1) Power: adaptor (220V/9V) , output: 9VDC300mA
2) Environmental condition:
Temperature:-10 ~ 50 degree
Relative humidity: < 90%
Atmosphere pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa
3) Phone number storage: 6 numbers with 16 characters utmost.
4) Built-in siren: > 85dB
5) Static current: <40 mA DC9V
6) Working Current: <300mA DC9V
7) DTMF: high frequency-7dBm, low frequency-9dBm
8) Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz
9) Hi-frequency receiving sensibility:-105dBm
10) Wired connector end: on/off compatible.
11) Working frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz

Luxury Voiced Phone LCD Alarm

Outstanding features:

Compact design, big LCD Screen Display
Voice Instruction
Set 3 groups of time for arm/disarm
Record100 alarm logs
32 wireless defence zones & 8 wired Defence zones
Low Power indication
AC Power Failure Alarm
When your telephone is cut by illegal intruder, the main panel will sound at high db and the main panel of your neighbors will auto dial the preset numbers to remind you the dangerous.
Locale monitoring function: after password input, the sound of the offender, sound of dig and prizing can be clearly heard in the protected area. Can extend the time to monitor, exit, and disarm the panel via long-distance operation by the GSM network system.


Panel operation: wireless, easy installation, high sensitivity, and strong anti-jamming. Via the keypad on the panel, the user can input the phone numbers and arm or disarm.

Long-distance control: long-distance remote arm/disarm: absolute no alarm delay. When the alarm call is received, the receiver can arm or disarm the system by inputting the password via the phone system.

Priority dialing: the system can exit the recent call when the alarm call takes place. So it is useless for the criminal to take up the phone system to block the alarm call.

Humanized operation method: one key shortcut for each function, no need to remember the fussy operation instruction. All clear at a glance.

Message anti-loss function: Phone numbers and recorded massages can be permanently kept till the user change

Accessories: various wireless sensors such as smoke and fire detector, wireless gas detector, wireless baluster, rolling door sensors, wireless emergency button, and etc.

Outside siren: connectors for outside siren (sound/mute optional) . Auto alarm call will be available while the phone line is cut off or malfunctioned.

Functions optional: long-distance house appliance control, interphone function, auto alarm after 20 seconds interference by the same frequency.

Power supply: AC/DC power auto switch. AC power supply generally. The system can auto switch to the DC power when AC power is off to make the system no risk at all.

Online function: can work with the monitoring center via network. After the alarm call arrives, the user!/s data and alarm details can be auto found out and displayed on the monitoring screen.
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