Sell Lycopene

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Lycopene is, belonging to carotenoid, obtained from fruits of tomatoes by extracting and refining, and also a kind of natural and functional pigment. The result of its function of oxidation is 3 times than (Beta)-carotene, and 100 times than vitamin E.

Application: extensively used as an edible red pigment with tomato flavor in tomato products, meat, soups, ketchups, confections, snacks as well as health care products, medicines, and cosmetics

Characteristic:Natural and bright color, anti-oxidation, stable under heat and light, anti-cancer, insoluble in water, and soluble in ethanol and oils.
Quality index:

1Appearance: reddish brown paste or powder
2Lycopene (powder) : 3%~95%
(Oil) : 1%~20%
3Loss from drying <= 5 .0 %
4Solvent residue <= 10ppm
5 Total plate count, cfu/g <= 1000cfu/g

Shelf life: store in airproof and low temperature (under 40) condition.