Sell M3D Measuring Software for CMM

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commodity description:

CMS-Software Measuring software, being the general software. which is specially used in the data processing for coordinate machine.

Major functions:
It employs various standard machine calibrating and probing system to realize the oriental and calibration of the equal radius probing ball.
It can realize the estabishing saving
interchanging and transforming between various coordinate.
It can detect and computate the characteristics parameter(point, line, plane, circle ete) by jointing the points. according to the special need of users it can be added other detecting functions.
It can construct new elements or computate dimension (distance, angle ) of work pieces by 8 different ways(assemblage, parale, verticality, intersection projection symmetry, image , statistics) according to the detecting outcome. )
It can detect various shape and position errors of work pieces.
The detecting outcome can be displayed or printed by arranging in column of graph and also can be transformed as AutoCAD, Excel, Word file to satisty different need of users.
It can calibrate the sysmatic errors of coordinate accuracy.
It can carry out the temperature compensation under constant temperature.
The guilde window can tell operator the measuring steps and current measuring position .
It can improve the measuring efficiency by the hot key.
It can display the full data in English or Chinese , and it is easy to learn and use.