Sell MARBLE HEATING BOARDS - New Electrical Heating System

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MARBLE HEATING BOARDS - New electrical heating systems made in Europe

All plates of Marble have electric heaters built inside. It works like radiator using electricity.

- Excellent for new buildings, adaptations.
- Attractive design (stone according to coordinators wish)
- Low purchase and installation expenses
- Simple maintenance
- A 10 year guarantee
- No rotating parts, possibility of a mechanical fault is minimal
- No dust raising (doesn't contain a ventilator)
- Minimal air drainage
- Occupies minimal space (no chimneys and sim. )
- No noise, vibrations and alike
- Healthy and ecologically acceptable heating
- The possibility of installation in several laps
- Completely safe (no open fire)

The heating marble slab consists of a compact 30mm (1.2 in) thick marble slab containing minimal power electric heater installed by a special method.

METAL SUPPORTS: Covered with plastics are available in many colors and universal for slabs of any dimension.

THERMOSTAT: Each slab h as its own thermostat for setting desired room temperature in each room separately.

CHANGEABLE AXIS: The slab can be put in both vertical and horizontal position.
"classic heating system warm up the room unevenly"

HEATING WITH MARBLE: reduces the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor.

You do not need a specialist for the installation, just screw the marble board's support carrier and plug it. Marble heating boards are heated with electricity, you just have to plug them in. They have voltage of 240V for European market, as well as 110'V for the American market.
Marble heating boards are sold in Germany, UK and Austria as well as in Canada by our producer. We are looking for Japan and other Asian counties importer at the moment. The boards have patent in Croatia and Europe. The heaters inside marble stones are of German and French origin.

Marble board dimensions. Power. Electric current. Weight app. App. heated area.

620x400x30mm/25,2x15,8x1,2in 450 W 1,96 A 20kg/9lb 6 m2/5 sq yds

1000x400x30mm/39,4x15,75x1,2in 800 W 3,48 A 30kg/13,6lb 12 m2/10 sq yds

1400x300x30mm/55,1x11,8x1,2in 800 W 3,48 A 30kg/13,6lb 12 m2/10 sq yds

780x510x30mm/31,5x19,7x1,2in 800 W 3,48 A 30kg/13,6lb 12 m2/10 sq yds

1000x560x30mm/39,4x22x1,2in 1200 W 5,22 A 50kg/22,7lb 16 m2/13,4 sq yds

1230x450x30mm/48,4x17,7x1,2in 1200 W 5,22 A 50kg/22,7lb 16 m2/13,4 sq yds

Voltage for all boards.
AC 230 V

Warranty for all boards
10 years

Marble board surface maximum temperature for all boards.

Color Depends on the sort of marble.

Other advantages:
The most important effect of this kind of heating is that level of air warmth is the same at the floor and at the ceiling without circulation of dust and bacteria. Although this effect makes room temperature about 2C lower than with convectional heating systems, the result is lowering of the energy consumption up to 20% with marble heating boards in comparison to convectional heating systems.

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Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 units per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Ex-works - Croatia/Europe
Warranty Coverage
10 years