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Model YC6112ZLCA
Type Vertical, in-line, water cooled four stroke,
Air intake Turbocharged, inter-cooled
Cylinder numberxBorexStroke (mm) 6x112x132
Displacement (L) 7.8
Compression ratio 17.4:1
Durable output/speed(kw/r/min) 145/1800
One hour output/speed(kw/r/min) 159.5/1858
SFC at rated condition(g/kw. h) <=205
Specific lube oil consumption(g/kw. h) <=1.5
Min. stable working speed(r/min) <=810
Mean effective pressure (Mpa) 1.239
Exhaust temperature K(0C) <=823(550)
Exhaust smoke number (FSN) <=3.5
Noise level (Sound power level ) dB(A) <=116
Inclination horizontal incline 200
horizontal roll 250
Crankshaft rotating direction (facing to output end) Anti-clockwise
Net weight (kg) 1000
Dimension (L X W X H) (mm) 1830x904x1126
Matched gearbox 120C.135L\MB242. etc