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For seriously interested direct buyers we are willing to offer:

1. Masterrock rock wool boards with the following parameters:
a. Density: 80  180 kg/m3
b. Length: 1000mm
c. Width: 600mm
d. Thickness: 30  100mm

The above parameters are standard. We can adjust them to our clients needs. Most popular dimensions are:
a. Length: 1200mm
b. Width: 200mm or 500mm
c. Thickness: above 100mm *

* Note: Please note that thickness above 100mm is made out of two layers. The layers may be of the same density or different density.

2. Masterrock rock wool blanket with the following parameters:
a. Density: 100  180 kg/m3
b. Length: 3000mm
c. Width: 1000mm
d. Thickness: 30  100mm
Reaction to fire classification: A1
Thermal conductivity: 0.037 or 0.039 W/mK

3. Masterrock rock wool pipe sections:
a. Density: 120  180 kg/m3
b. Diameter: 25  100 mm
c. Thickness: 219  2710 mm

4. Masteglass glass wool boards:
a. Density: 24  80 kg/m3
b. Length: 1200mm
c. Width: 600 or 1200 mm
d. Thickness: 20  1000 mm
5. Masteglass glass wool blankets:
a. Density: 14  24 kg/m3
b. Length: 18000 mm
c. Width: 1200 mm
d. Thickness: 25  150 mm

Other important details are available after detailed product inquiry along with detailed specification is received, approved and accepted.

Please note:

1. We will deal with the direct buyers only
2. We will provide two price offers. But to avoid being a subject of market study we will not provide next one until buyer will perform.
3. We will permanently reject of non-performing buyers (three times approach) .