Sell MAYA Chain Stitch Embroidery Machine

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MAYA CSL series embroidery machine with single color function, auto-lifting does chain stitch, chenille stitch, and tape-attaching embroidery in one machine. Automatic change between the chain stitch embroidery and the chenille stitch embroidery enable efficient production. Through changing of the needle clamp tape attaching embroidery is also easily done. This series machines is suitable for all kinds of thick or thin fabric (silk, leather etc. ) , or women's coat, cap, vestment, decoration etc. , you may use cotton, feather, silk, metallic threads to embroider any patterns or floral designs on fabric, the sewing out looks live and three-dimension.
Main functions:
LCD display: LCD display ensures convenient learning and prompt operation.
Automatic lift up function.
Pattern input/output & Memory: Built-in diskette driver. Patterns in memory can be output to Tajima binary format. Standard memory is with 99 patterns, up to 240,000 stitches.
Speed: Speed can be controlled within 250-600RPM manually by easy touch of the keys.
Stitch Type interchange: One touch of the key can easily switch between chain stitch and Chenille stitch while machine stops. Through modification of function code in a pattern, automatic switch between stitch types when embroidering can be realized.
Model Head Color Emb Area Machine Size Remarks
CSL-108A 8 1 500(550) *800 5374*2050*1200 MAYACSL series Chain stitch Single color auto-Lifting
CSL-110B 10 1 450*800 5724*2050*1200
CSL-112A 12 1 450(500) *800 6724*2050*1200
CSL-113 13 1 275(550) *680 5074*2050*1200