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Advantages of MAYA Embroidery Machine
MAYA Computerized Embroidery Machines has more than 17 years history and have passed ISO9000 Quality system certificate and CE certificate. Our Embroidery machine precision is first highest in China, adopting most advanced technology and precise spare parts manufactured by us. Our machine can create for you exquisite embroidery work like Tajima, and bring you High quality embroidery.
Adopt 10 inches Color LCD display with time and stitches show and Built-in floppy disk drive: Standard Memory is 200,000,0 stitches. The details of embroidery data can be reviewed. (Design name, stitch count, number of color changes etc. ) .
Ingenious Thread route design, making the thread moving more smooth;
Centralized thread hooking system, making thread hooking more stable and greatly reduced the noise.
Automatic Lift-up Mechanism The needle and the nipple presser foot are automatically lifted up for easier frame exchange at the completion of embroidering designs
Excellent thread feeding system prevents the threads from tangled, and cast off.
Rotary-type threads breakage detection stable upper and lower thread breakage detection even at high-speed operation.
Linear guide rails assure more accurate frame driving and quieter, finer embroidery.
Adoption of imported A/C servomotor reinforced the main shaft drive and greatly improved the smoothness of rotation as well as reliability.
Main shaft digitizer control (patent technology) Make the speed-adjustment more smoothly and the embroidery quality higher;
Advanced Noise Reduction System: Use of the structure of upper thread holders with one power drive fulfilling the upper thread holding of whole machine stably and reliably. Largely reduce the noise to the lowest level. Besides noise reduction mechanisms used in the whole machine reduce machine noise substantially
Automatic color changing, Upper / Under thread trimming and holding device, automatic thread breakage check: When color changing or complete embroidery, the whole machine automatically stops, trims and changes color, after that, the machine automatically starts and run continuously.
Automatic stitch-locking system when color-changing or completing a pattern the machine system will automatically made a chain stitch to avoid thread raveling out.
Pattern pantograph: designs can be scaled up or down in 1% increments in the range of 50%-200%. Also designs may be rotated in 1% increments. And you can also enlarge or reduce the pattern only in X (or Y) direction.
Automatic Repeat A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both in X and Y direction. The repetition can be set for continuous operation.
Satin stitch expansion: satin stitch can be compensated from 0.1-1.0mm
High-speed frame back and forward in specified stitches or color change units.
Origin return: The frame can be either manually or automatically straight returned to the start point, even if the end point is different from the start point. Finished Embroidery embroider frame offset automatically; after changing embroidery, pulling the bar, embroidery frame will return automatically to original start point and begin embroidering.
Automatic offset: in applique embroidery frame automatically moves out, and then moves back to start point on pulling the start bar.
Power Failure Protection Measures machine has function of being automatically protected and automatic recovery after power off. And after power failure recovering you can continue your embroidery on the machine, without any going out of original form.
Trace Function Check whether a design will fit in a frame before you sew.