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MAYA series quilting and embroidery machines can do embroider while quilting, using updated technology to enable you make embroidery on continuous fabric rolls automatically. This series is adopted with unique pneumatic air cylinder for automatic framing changing system and characterized by precise frame moving, compatibility of sewing different fabric, and low noise and stable operation. Its going with lace embroidery and quilting embroidery (beddings, bedspread, cushion for leaning on etc. ) , widely used in textile and garment industry.
MAYA Computerized embroidery machine have 2 series as follow: MYQH Series and MYQF Series. MYQF Series quilting embroidery machine can be equipped with sequins and cording device. But MYQH Series has not such function.
1. MAYA Computerized Multi-head Quilting & Embroidery Machine
Usage: Mainly used for quilt and embroidery high-class materials used for mattress, quilt cover, bedspread, garment, seating, household ornaments. Different patterns are available.  Can do Computerized quilting & embroidery in one machine
 Speed: 250rpm-880rpm.
 10 inch Display
 Automatic color changing system and you can select any head you like to quilt and embroider.
 Equipped with automatic tightening and loosening system in the fore and in the back, can do Continuous quilting & embroidery in Y direction
 Adopt 3.5 floppy disk, available for Tajima and Barudan format
 Low noise: Adoption of the advanced technology of 3-phase subsection control making the frame movement more stable and smooth, efficiently decrease the vibration and noise to the lowest level.
 Adopt independent foot pressure system, that make the finished product stereoscopic and with aesthetic effect.
 Roller design in Y direction, the cloth can be continuously embroidered and quilt.
 Convenient operation, easily to be grasped.
 Speed-control Functions.
 Power Failure Protection Measures: machine has automatic Protection and memory functions against power off.
 Pattern pantograph: designs can be scaled up or down in 1% increments in the range of 50%-200%. Also designs may be rotated.
 Thread-breakage detection and quilt compensating functions under quilting failures.
 Speed up and down running forward or back in the moving material.
 Thread-cutting system: the thread cut length can be controlled.
 Thread centralized hooking system can be equipped under your requirements, more stable.
 Y direction adopts advanced driving structure, machine running more precisely.
 Machine dimension: 5340mm*980mm*1847mm(L*W*H)
 Stitch length: Binary scale: 0.15-12.7mm
 Stitch memory: 1,200,000stitches
 Patter storage capacity: 100patterns
 Power: 4.5-5KW.
 Voltage: Three-phase 380V or single phase: 220V (50HZ/60HZ)
 Machine weight: MYQH3-22-6: 2.1T; MYQH3-26-5: 2.37T; MYQH3-33-4: 2.6T
 Adopt Japanese imported Panasonic Servo Motor & Driver
 Adopt Japanese imported Hinrose rotary hook
 Adopt precise rolling bar and precise Linen Guiding Bar

机 型
Model 头 数
Head 针 数
Needle 间 距
Head interval 英 寸
Inches 横 向 绗 绣 宽 度
Single pattern Width 绣 花 宽 度
Emb. Width
MYQH3-22-6 22 1/3 152.4 6 3048 3352.8
MYQH3-26-5 26 1/3 127 5 2540 3302
MYQH3-33-4 33 1/3 101.6 4 3048 3352.8
These serials can be produced at customers requirements for different heads.
 Combined quilting and embroidery function into one machine
 Single needle embroidery compensating function
 Freely select any head to do the quilting and embroidery.
 Equipped with automatic tension system
 Unlimited continuous quilting and embroidery can be made by Y direction.
 Servo motor and Linear guide to drive the machine, guarantee the high precision
 Auto-oiling device can be equipped under your choose
 Auto- trimmer can be equipped under your choose.
 Automatic upper and bottom thread detection function.
 Memory: The basic capacity of the system is up to 2000000 stitches (could be extended according to customer demand) , equivalent to 200 designs.
 The built-in 3.5 floppy disk drive available for Tajima and Barudan format
 10 color LCD, pattern-tracing function, easy operation.
 Pattern editing function: such as pattern rotating, pantograph, condensation, deleting and duplication, performance of repetition embroidery, cycling embroidery and bulk embroidery.

绗 绣 速 度 Quilting and embroidery speed 250-850/min
针 数 needle/color 2/3/6
针 迹 范 围 stitch length 0.1-12.7mm
储 存 针 数 design memory 1,200,000
储 存 花 样 pattern in memory 100
额 定 功 率 Rated power 4.5KW
额 定 电 压 3 phases 380v/220v(50hz, 60hz)
整 机 重 量 weight 3500kg
产 品 型 号
机 型
Model 头 数
Heads 针 数
Needles 间 距
Head interval 英 寸
Inches 横 向 绗 绣 宽 度
Q&E width
MYQF--252 60 2 50.8 2 3048
MYQF-333 33 3 101.6 4 3352
MYQF-330 30 3 101.6 4 3048
MYQF-324 24 3 127 5 3048
MYQF-322 22 3 137.5 5.41 3025
MYQF-320 20 3 152.4 6 3048
MYQF-318 18 3 101.6 44 1828