Sell MAYA Single Needle Quilting Machine Series

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MAYA Single Needle Quilting Machine Series
 Usage: Quilt, mid-vacant quilt
 Adopt timing belt to drive the machine head, high precision.
 Double thread can do lock stitch, double capacity hook, making the quilt speedy and correctly. The material can be fed from all directions. Synchronous material pressing system, simple mechanism, easily to be operated and maintained.
Main parameters:
Model MAQ-1 MAQ-1-A
Sewing Head MAYA-100 MAYA-200
Needle Speed 1400 needle/m 1400 needle/m
Stitch Length 2-10mm Adjustable 2-10mm Adjustable
Needle DP5 X 120 DP5 X 120
Measurement 4500 x 4300 x 1500mm 4500 x 3000 x 1300mm
Max. Quilt Size 2000 X 2300mm 2000 X 2300mm
Total Consumption
0.74KW 0.74KW 0.74KW
Option device
Thread broken system Auto-stop at thread broken Auto-stop at thread broken

Head rotate device MAYA-200 MACHINE HEAD MAYA-200 MACHINE HEAD

 Quilt, Tick, bedcover, also leather too
 Comforter, sponge, leather and so on.
 Timing Belts drive the whole machine ensure the finished quilt work with high precision
 Equipped with upper thread breakage detector (U. V. ) .
 15 inches LCD Display. English menu, stating the whole machine working information and condition.
 Automatic lubrication system on sewing head and hook base
 3.5"F. d
 Designs can be scaled up or down in 1% increments in the range of 50%-200%. And you can also enlarge or reduce the pattern only in X (or Y) direction.
 Automatic or manually stitch compensating function: can automatically or manually return to the stitch missing place according to the stitch line to do the stitch compensation under thread broken or no bottom thread
 Thread broken automatic detection function: The machine automatically stop under thread broken
 Pattern storage: can store 100 patterns.
 LCD Information showing function: showing the Main shaft speed, machine stop reason, production information, the left EMS memory information
 Safety device: machine will automatically stop and display the fault reason after it has met any fault.
 Power Failure Protection Measures after power off machine has function of being automatically protected and automatic recovery function. And computer will automatically keep the designed patterns and parameters. .
 Stitch reinforcing function: unlock this function, the machine will automatically reinforce the appointed stitch and quilt here back and forward
Head MAYA-200
Operating interface 15"CRT, special filmy key
Continual work time 24hours continuous work
Quilting size 2300 X 2600mm
Carriage speed 12m/min
Stitch length 1-6mm, lock stitch
Needle DP5 X 120
Design At will
Temperature 5~400, humidity30~900RH
Consumption 2KVA
Computer box size 630(W) X 530(D) X 1520(H) mm
Machine size 4900 X 3200 X 1200mm

3. MAQ-2-Dcomputerised quilting machine
 This machine adopts automatically stitch stopping equipment, pressure auto lifting equipment, greatly lighten the working intension, and improve the working efficiency.
 Adopt air up floating working table, reducing the friction between the thick quilt material and working table, making it very easily to turn the quilt pieces.
 Adopt forcible scraps collector, the cut border and angle scraps can be inhaled into the scraps collector, keep the working place very clean
 Very good cut ability, can cut off very thick quilt pieces border and angle, whats more, border cutting, rolling and binding can be done