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MAYA LaserModern Spokesman of Multifunction and High Technology
Hong Kong MAYA Technology limited ceremoniously released her new products to the worldwide customers---MAYA Serials Laser Engraving Machine, Laser cutting Machine, Laser marking Machine. These serials have peculiar multifunction, one machine with multifunction. It will provide you most convenient resolvent in engraving, cutting various materials.
MAYA LaserYour Faithful Assistant, She Can Engrave for You Everything.

. At present, MAYA Laser cutting, engraving machine has three important breakthroughs on laser technique:
* Able to engrave patterns & words of any depth on all kinds of cylinder surface;
* Able to cut organic glasses with the depth of 15mm, with smooth & shining cut, no need further treatment;
* Many options: MAYA Single and multiple head laser machine are waiting for your option. Multiple heads can engrave at high speed; suitable for your bulk production;
. MAYA Laser cutting machine is applied to many industries such as textile and garment industry, trade mark industry and embroidery industry, packing industry, printing industry and so on :
1. For Textile and Garment Industry
* Finish lying off, cutwork and border locking at one time.
* Can engrave flower and do cutwork
* You can freely engrave any design on your production, make your production more personalized;
* Can engrave on garment piece as well as on finished dresses. It is another unique breakthrough in garment industry and also a new garment-processing mode.
* Unique fretwork with fascinating design
2. For trade mark industry
*Can cutting trade marks, badges and epaulet of regular or irregular shape at high speed;
*Unique cutting. Tensionless and smooth cutting without any flocky edge and burn and distortion;
*Easy operation, low shrinkage and low power consumption
*High Adaptability, it can cut various trade marks of different materials.
*Red radial locating system, guarantee accurate and rapid enchasing cutting
3. For Embroidery Industry
*Engraving or Cutting any simple or complicated design , all is at your will;
*High efficiency, high speed, high quality cutting and engraving. High engraving and cutting precision.
4. For packing industry:
Complete new processing method: MAYA laser engraving machine can engrave any decoration on the surface layer of any material, making your products looking high grade and exquisite.
5. For printing industry:
Be used for rubber board and paper board printing. In the past years, the plate making of paper box and cement bag, plastic bag is manual engrave, low efficiency, no precision, but now MAYA engraving machine apply laser engraving technology, greatly increased productivity and product quality.
. MAYA laser engraving and cutting machine has strong functions, it can help you cut or engrave any products at any material with high quality:
1. Trade mark of textile material, patch embroidery, hollowing and garment materials, especially it can engrave flower on surface layer of jeans or any other materials, and make any cutting, hollowing. Any pattern made by MAYA laser is vivid as photo; personalize your product at your will.
2. It can be used in shoemaking and leather industry, especially in shoe material, leather, handbag, box and bag, and leather clothes etc.3. Marble can be engraved, too.4. Can be use in rubber board, plastic, paper and wood product engraving and plate making, bamboo product, organic glasses, ceramic tile, jade stone, crystal, shell and so on other nonmetal and metal material. Can be used in packing and printing industry, stamp engraving, advertisement sign, aircrafts, photography, plate making, building model, industrial product, bearing products and so on
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MAYA brand
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30 days
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220 volts, 50/60 hz
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