Sell MAYA Thread-sequins machine

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1. Using the advanced line series technology, the performance is much stable.
2. It can make 48 line segment sequin in one.
3. The step of needle of wire equipment, easy operation.
4. Simple recovery of wire equipment, easy operation.

1. The motor movement angle and the sequin-dressing angle may set up on the operation panel.
2. The step of needle may be programmed.
3. The same or different size can be dressed up, and they could be either overlapping or fold.
MAYA Multifunctional Sequins sewing machine
针 距 stitch distance 3mm9mm
转 数 speed 80-1000 rpm
电 子 定 多 功 能 亮 片 花 边 缝 纫 机
位 离 合 马 达 : Electron positioning clutch motor
电 供 Power supply 220V-50Hz
功 率 POWER 560W