Sell MAYA series Lock stitch mixed embroidery machine

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MAYA series Lock stitch mixed embroidery machine is a special mixed lock-stitch and normal computerized embroidery machine, with all functions and characteristics of the flat embroidery machine, and the great functions of coiling, taping (cording) and zig-zag embroidery, the multi-function machine will bring a magic stick for your embroidery masterpiece. Lock stitch and standard stitch can be freely switched between automatically or manually by presetting the operation panel, offering you high-speed operation, a quieter working environment and economical efficiency! It is widely used in embroidery of clothing, curtain, bedding, and work of arts.
 Diversifies embroidery variations Replacement of attachments produces diversified embroidery variations such as coiling, taping, and cording embroidery or combined effects.
 Auto Select Mechanism of Stitching Methods Any combination of stitching methods using Taping (Cording) , Coiling, Standard stitching, Zig-zag sewing stitching can be selected easily on the Operation Panel.
 Special Tape (Cord) Guide Special Tape Guides can be easily changed according to the type of material to be used.
 Improves working efficiency Attachments can be replaced in units with ease to improve working efficiency.
 Auto Thread Tensioning Mechanism Optimal thread tension can be obtained depending on the method of stitching, such as Taping, Coiling, Standard Embroidery, etc.
 Automatic color-changing system: Equipped with automatic color-changing system, lock stitch embroidery in various colors and shades is available, making embroidery multicolor!
 Sequins device can be combined with this machine together;
 High efficiency Lock-stitch embroidery head, standard embroidery head and sequins devices are mounted in pairs to facilitate embroidery operations and greatly improve productivity. Basic specifications:
 Stitch length: Binary scale 0.1-12.7mm, ternary scale 0.1-12.1mm;
 Speed: Standard embroidery 200-850rpm, Lock Stitch embroidery 200-600rpm;
 Memory capacity: 2,000,000.00 stitches, 200 designs;
 Motor: A/C servo motor (or induction motor) x1, Stepping motor x2, M shaft servo motor x1;
 Power consumption: 2.0kw;
 Power source: 3-phase 380V, 50/60 Hz (can be changed according to customers demand) .

Color Heads Total Emb Area Machine Size Functions
ME-10606 6 6+6 12 500.200.750*800 4744*1800*1270 Coiling + Taping + Zigzag + Auto Lifting upon request + Normal head with auto 6-color Change + Thread Breakage Detection
ME-H10608A 6 8+8 16 500.185.685*680 5544x1800x1270
ME-H10608E 6 8+8 16 450.200.800*1000 5524*2050*1270
ME-H10611 6 11+11 22 432.648*800 6390*2050*1270
ME-H10612 6 12+12 24 550.200.850*800 8714*2050*1270
ME-H10615 6 15+15 30 450.200.850*800 8964*2050*1270
ME-H10308 3 8+8 16 324,486*680 3196*1800*1270 Coiling + Taping + Zigzag + Auto Lifting upon request + Normal head with auto 3-color Change + Thread Breakage Detection
ME-H10315 3 15+15 30 324,486*680 6182*1800*1270
ME-H10315A 3 15+15 30 324,486*800 6282*1800*1270

MAYA CTZ series Cording, Zig-zag, Taping machine.
MAYA CTZ series models (Partial)
Model Head Color Emb Area (mm) Machine Size(mm) Remarks
CTZ-108 8 1 400*680 4274*1800*1270 MAYA CTZ Series Coiling, Taping and Zig-zag only
CTZ-110A 10 1 500(600) *800 6434*2050*1270
CTZ-112B 12 1 400(550) *800 6334*2050*1270
CTZ-114 14 1 345(690) *800 6699*2050*1270
CTZ-116 16 1 300(700) *800 6734*2050*1270
CTZ-118 18 1 175(525) *1000 4589*2450*1270
CTZ-115A 15 1 450(850) *800 8964*2050*1270