MC, HEMC, HPMC You May Also Be Interested In: cellulose ethers film bag hpmc non ionic polyethylene film
MC, HPMC and HEMC are non-ionic cellulose ethers produced from natural high molecular cellulose through series of chemical changes. They are characterized by the solubility in water, water retention, non-ionic type, stable PH value, surface activity, reversibility from gelling to solving at different temperature, thickening, binding, film-forming, lubricating and mold resistance. Due to all these special properties, they are widely applied for thickening, gelling, dispersing, stabilizing, water retaining and mixing improving in industries like building material, painting, synthetic resin, porcelain, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, cosmetics, cosmetics and tobacco.
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(1) Double-layer Bag
The product is packed in polyethylene film bag enclosed in composite film bag.
Net weight is 25 or 20 kg per bag.
(2) Composite-fibreboard drum
The product is packed in polyethylene film bag enclosed in composite-fibreboard drum.
Net weight is 20 or 10 kg per drum.
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1 MT
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